Brain Rejuvenation Therapy (BRT)

Brain health for the over 50s. How to train your mind and retain brain function and structure.


FMRI scan during working memory tasks

To say the brain plays an essential role in human health and wellbeing is something of an understatement. But how much do you know about the best way to look after your own brain?

Maintaining and even enhancing our brain function at any time of life is a worthwhile objective. But it becomes increasingly important as we enter middle age. There is a supposed age related cognitive decline that starts to demonstrate an effect from about the age of 30 onward. But this decline does not have the same impact on everybody. This suggests that there may be a number of factors under our control that influence the rate and extent of how age a brain ages. Recent neuroimaging studies of the brains of older people appear to confirm that certain types of mind training, may help maintain brain function and structure.

There is no suggestion that there is a miracle cure able to keep our brains young. However just as the rate of physical decline can be slowed by a number of simple changes (diet, exercise, activity, social engagement). So the performance of the brain for most people over 5o can be supported by a number of relatively simple measures, such as diet, physical exercise and certain kinds of mind training.

Brain Rejuvenation Therapy (BRT) is the brainchild of a cognitive psychologist and neuroscientist with twenty years experience of mind training. Stephen Gene Morris has studied both Himalayan and western forms of psychology and has received formal instruction in the theory and practice of diverse systems of meditation. The goal of BRT is to give people the opportunity to access simple and easy to understand information about how to maintain brain structure after the age of 50.

Stephen’s own view is that…

“there are a number of things we can do as we get older to preserve our brain function and structure, but few of us have any real idea of what measures to take. BRT is about giving control to those of us over 50, for the long term health of our brains.

As well as running individual BRT classes and providing informal advice we will be publishing a wide range of reliable information. Not only the most relevant brain science but also the latest thinking in a number of other related areas.

If you are over 50 (or know someone that is) and would like to know more, follow this blog to be kept informed or drop us an email.

It’s your brain, no one else is going to look after it for you!